↔ Zero dollar Don't Make Me Pull Over!: An Informal History of the Family Road Trip ❷ Kindle Ebook Author Richard Ratay ⢗

↔ Zero dollar Don't Make Me Pull Over!: An Informal History of the Family Road Trip ❷ Kindle Ebook Author Richard Ratay ⢗ With smartphones and rear seat entertainment systems, the family road trip experience has changed dramatically, writes Ratay in this enjoyable reminiscence on what they used to be His informative, often hilarious family narrative perfectly captures the love hate relationship many have with road trips Publishers Weekly As someone who missed the golden age of the family road trip,I found Dont Make Me Pull Over a wonderful revelation, filled with unexpectedand frequently amusinginsights into how so much of our culture was built Rob Erwin, author of Lost with Directions Ambling Around America If only this book were available to Clark Griswold, he and his family might well have stayed home Dont Make Me Pull Over is an encyclopedia of road trip adventures I cant wait to read it Chevy Chase, star of National Lampoons Vacation and Saturday Night Live A book with a title as good as Dont Make Me Pull Over has a lot to live up to, and somehow Richard Ratay manages to deliver Its a memoir, a work of popular history, and a love letter all in one Books this wise are seldom so funny books this funny are rarely so wise Andrew Ferguson, author of Land of Lincoln and Crazy U Captures all the adventure, bonding, desperate conflict, and existential self interrogation that is only made possible by hours and hours on the road with your family Read it, but probably dont read it while also driving your family around John Hodgman, author of More Information than You Require and Vacationland Ratays impressively researched book isnt just a road trip across Americaits a trip back in time.Suddenly I was eight years old again and bouncing around seatbelt free in the back of a Ford Country Squire station wagon Ken Jennings, record breaking Jeopardy champion, andauthor of Maphead Ratay has perfectly captured the essence of what it was like to embark on a road trip in the golden days of family vacations Combining spot on history and a great sense of humor Dont Make Me Pull Over feels so authentic I got carsick reading it Jane Stern,co author of Roadfood I was laughing the whole way.As an expert on the 1970s I was there I encourage you to climb in, wait for that sweet Toronado engine to purr, and let Rich Ratay take you on his wonderful ride through the great American pastime known as the family road trip Tom Shillue, author of Mean Dads for a Better America Entertaining social history spiced with funny family memories The characters include the first man to drive a car around the world, in 1906 before fast food And Americas first highway czar, who served under seven presidents until Eisenhower fired him And then theres Ratay himself, as a 10 year old, on the CB radio Blue Thunder here, gobbling up the zipper dashes like PacMan rollin for a power pill Great stuff Paul Ingrassia,author of Engines of Change Takes us back to the once popular family road trips of vacationing Americans in the 1970s Stuffed into astation wagon filled with luggage and provisions, backseat bound Rich typically set off on adventures that possessed all the idiosyncratic melodrama of family life but played out in a confined space Anthony Sammarco, author of Lost Boston and The History of Howard Johnsons Smooth prose that entertains and enlightens For anyone who has ever been on a road trip, or is planning to take one, this book is a must read Michael Wallis, Route 66 The Mother Roadand The Lincoln Highway Coast to Coast from Times Square to the Golden GateRichard Ratay was the last of four kids raised by two mostly attentive parents in Elm Grove, Wisconsin He graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in journalism and has worked as an award winning advertising copywriter for twenty five years Ratay lives in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, with his wife, Terri, their two sons, and two very excitable rescue dogs. Don't Make Me Pull Over!: An Informal History of the Family Road Trip

  • 1.1
  • 140
  • Hardcover
  • Don't Make Me Pull Over!: An Informal History of the Family Road Trip

  • Richard Ratay
  • English
  • 24 November 2016
  • 288 pages

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