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↏ Hardcover [ Calypso ] ⟗ Kindle Ebook Author David Sedaris ⡇ An Best Book of June 2018 Reading ruminations on middle age and mortality is not typically a cheery exercise, unless David Sedaris is doing the writing Many of the essays in Calypso are set at the Sea SectionSedariss retreat on the Carolina coast There, his family whiles away the holidays playing cutthroat board games, baking in the sun, and feeding tumors to snapping turtles yes, you read that right In others, he describes shopping shenanigans in Japan you can thank him for the resurgence of the culotte, or not , his unhealthy Fitbit obsession, and a side vocation picking up trash near his Sussex home All provide the sort of everyday fodder that is ripe for his beloved brand of witty repartee But Calypso is as dark as it is droll it also touches on his late mothers alcoholism, his sisters suicide, and a sometimes strained relationship with an irascible father Any one of these things could fracture a family but its clear from these pages that their bond is strong Calypso is David Sedariss funniest, most outrageous, most moving offering yet Erin Kodicek, Book ReviewThis book allows us to observe not just the nimble mouthed elf of Sedaris s previous work, but a man in his seventh decade expunging his darker secrets and contemplating mortalityThe brilliance of David Sedaris s writing is that his very essence, his aura, seeps through the pages of his books like an intoxicating cloud, mesmerizing us so that his logic becomes oursThe geeks really do inherit the earth.Alan Cumming, New York Times Book ReviewThe king of the humorous essay returns with a brand new collection his first in five years Sedaris fans will find plenty of familiar delights His misanthropic charms and wry wit are as delightful as ever, even if some of the subject matter has changed From his new vacation home on the coast of North Carolina, he writes about the concerns of health and aging, treating us to a story about the persnickety doctor who refused to let him keep a noncancerous tumor that he d planned to feed to a snapping turtle once removed We can only assume that the audiobook version of Calypso will be the perfect travel companion during road trips and getaways this spring and beyond.Maris Kreizman, New York MagazineAge and family occupy beloved humorist Sedaris s latest collection of essays His observations feel sharper and often darker than in previous collections, as he ponders the inevitable breakdown of the human body, the shame attendant with illness and age, the nature of addiction, and the eccentricities of his family Though middle age may have made his shades of gray blacker, the wit and incisiveness that make Sedaris much adored remain.Lauren Hubbard, Harper s BazaarKillerSedaris is practically his own genre nowWhether it s a compulsion or a decision, Sedaris isn t holding back any.Rachel Manteuffel, The Washington PostDavid Sedaris s biggest strength as an essayist and a humorist lies in his remarkable power of observation, of detecting the humor and pathos is the everyday conversations most of us don t register His attention and wit are as incisive as ever, but Sedaris brings a stronger sense of self to the pages of CalypsoIt s both warmer and bleaker than any Sedaris that s come before.Laura Adamczyk and Caitlin Penzeymoog, AV ClubIf there s one thing you can count on in life, it s Sedaris to leave you giggling on the beach in both humor and horror His latest collection of stories is a bit serious than his previous, but even when the Sedaris clan is at its worst, the humorist reveals their antics with his characteristic wit in a way that manages to both soften and sharpen the dark truths behind the stories he tells.Allison McNearney, The Daily BeastSedaris is widely considered is widely considered America s leading humorist, and his new book Calypso does nothing but burnish that reputation.Nic Brown, Garden Laugh out loud funny, true and introspective.Holly Silva, St Louis Post DispatchWith this tenth book, Sedaris demonstrates yet again what makes him the best American humorist writing today a remarkable ability to combine the personal with the political, the mundane with the profane, slime with sublime, and hilarity with heart.Heller McAlpin, NPRThe beauty of David Sedaris s personality and what keeps his readers coming back for best selling book after best selling book is his unwavering dedication to a helter skelter train of thought Calypso is his most personal and open book yet, shedding light on his late sister s struggle with mental health, his mother s addiction, and his own experiences with the legalization of gay marriage, but it still finds plenty of room for laughs.Seija Rankin, Entertainment Weekly Calypso

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