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ₑ Free Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas online pdf ₱ Kindle By James Patterson ⃜ Talk about a change of pace Renowned suspense writer and Edgar Award winner James Patterson, author of such bestsellers turned blockbuster movies as Along Came a Spider and Kiss the Girls, exposes his sensitive side in his new novel, Suzanne s Diary for Nicholas Katie Wilkinson s boyfriend Matt dumps her not a total cad, he leaves her a gift, a diary kept by Suzanne, his first wife, for their son Nicholas Though it s not exactly the diamond ring Katie was hoping for, she s unable to make herself destroy the diary against her better judgment, Katie begins to read. Drawn against her will into the other woman s world, Katie learns of physician Suzanne s heart attack at age 35 and her decision to slow down, accomplished by a move to Martha s Vineyard and a new job as a simple country doctor When love comes knocking, in the form of housepainter cum poet Matt Harrison, Suzanne is ready to listen to her newly repaired heart Though painful for Katie, she begins to know and like Suzanne and her infant son Nicholas Suzanne s devotion to Matt and their son shines through, as well as her plainspoken wisdom While the journal helps Katie understand Matt, whether they can write a future together remains in question Alison TrinkleSay what A women s weepy from the megaselling author of the hard boiled Alex Cross mysteries Yes, and it s not the stretch some might imagine Patterson has demonstrated his flair for female POV and characters in the stand alone When the Wind Blows and in his current bestseller, 1st to Die and Cross himself has his gooey side So how good is the novel Good enough to lightly pluck the heartstrings and to impress with its craft and its calculation As usual, Patterson mixes first and third person narration Katie Wilkinson is a Manhattan book editor who s been inexplicably left by her lover and star author, a Martha s Vineyard poet named Matt After he splits, Matt mails Katie the diary kept by his wife, Suzanne, for their young son Katie reads it the novel s extensive first person passages and reacts to it briefer third person interludes The diary details how physician Suzanne, recovering from a heart attack at age 35, forsakes the rat race, moves to Martha s Vineyard and finds bliss with Matt, a housepainter who reads Moby Dick and writes strong poems, and with their newborn son, Nicholas The novel sloshes with sentiment some of it quite icky and simple spiritual truths, while acknowledging the reality of pain and loss rose bushes galore, with thorns Patterson sustains suspense through clever plotting and by Katie s wondering about the fate of Suzanne and Nicholas what s finally revealed pushes her, and the novel, to a bittersweet conclusion Patterson is one smart author here, he dazzles with his use of refrains, stories within stories and romance novel tropes this jump into another genre won t hurt his reputation as a master of popular lit July Forecast A lovely dust jacket featuring a title in violet script trumpets this as a love story Will Patterson s fans buy it Some mostly women yes And a 12 city author tour and major print and TV publicity will draw in enough new fans, most of them also women, to float the title onto bestseller lists though not at Alex Cross numbers.Copyright 2001 Cahners Business Information, Inc. Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas

  • 2.4
  • 1983
  • Format Kindle
  • Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas

  • James Patterson
  • Anglais
  • 23 May 2017
  • 304 pages

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